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Unsere "Business Mission"

Wie wir unsere Arbeit verstehen

Wir haben uns gefragt, wie wir uns als Firma verstehen, und was wir dabei erreichen wollen. Herausgekommen ist ein kurzes Statement (es wurde zuerst auf Englisch geschrieben :-), das unser Credo, oder eben unsere "Business Mission" zusammenfasst.
Information technology is a quite complicated matter that can get out of hand (especially on the financial side) rather easily. This calls for people who have the experience to keep a global view of the technological and organizational requirements and the realism to judge a solution by its fitness for the task. The most complex, feature-laden solution is not necessarily the one that performs in the most satisfactory way on the technical side ... and seldom the one to excel on the economic side.

In our assignments we have always strived to find those solutions that meet the needs at hand at the most reasonable cost possible. Often this means relying more on experience, creativity and innovation than on sales presentations and colorful brochures. It is our goal to help build reasonable, secure, stable, standard compliant information infrastructures that are tailored to the task, affordable, manageable and - yes - fun to work with. And we pride ourselves a little with having achieved that goal in almost all of our projects up to day.

If you have a project at hand that requires security and/or UNIX/networking knowhow (technical and/or conceptual), please do not hesitate to contact us. But of course you are as welcome if you just have a question or interesting input concerning any of the above realms.
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